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Director's Statement

I never chose to pledge a fraternity when I was in college. It may have been the amount of time required to pledge, the financial obligation, or the outright intimidation. I remember walking along fraternity row every weekend, looking up and wondering what mysteries were in that world. It became sort of a dream come true when my younger brother joined a fraternity, and I was given a chance to witness the on-goings within Greek life.

After my brother's roommate approached me with the concept of an assault happening inside a fraternity house, I researched fraternity hazing/assaults and was surprised to see the volume of incidents over the past years. Even more shocking was the amount of incidents that remain unresolved. I knew there was a film to be made about this intriguing world that has unfortunately spawned random opportunities for aggressive hazing and assaults.

I felt the best way to tell this story truthfully was through the eyes of a freshman experiencing Greek life for their first time; ironically paralleling my freshman experience as director. My brother and I hope this piece spreads awareness through its up-close depiction of what has happened and continues to happen in this secretive world where some people don't have the guts to say "no".

- Kevin Michael Martin

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